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Danyel Darkforest

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Danyel Darkforest

Danyel Darkforest portrait
Alias Old Man Dan
Titles Sir
Born in 1297 AR, at Rosehorn
Allegiance House Cadwalder
Culture Timbermen

Sir Danyel Darkforest is a knight and mercenary from the Shadow Forest. He is known for his partnership with Dado, another mercenary from the Kingdom of Kerwyn. The two are notably different in size, with Danyel standing only five and a half feet tall, and Dado standing nearly eight feet.

Appearance and personality

Sir Danyel an older man, with short white hair neatly parted to his right. He has a strong square jaw, a nose that has been broken several times, green eyes, and boasts bushy white eyebrows and mutton chops. He wears a pale blue scarf around his neck, and a leather brigandine with iron chainmail over a brown wool tunic.

Sir Danyel is known to have a short temper, contrasted by Dado's patience and good-heartedness. As he himself says, "I start the fights, and Dado ends them."

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