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House Atwood

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House Atwood
House Atwood arms
Blazon A brown field and two gold chevrons
(Tenné, a chevron Or above a chevron Or)
Seat Atwood
Head Sir Layne Atwood
Region Brown Bogs
Titles Knight of Atwood
Overlord House Cadwalder
Founded Stoneking Era

House Atwood is a house of landed knights from the Kingdom of Callahagan in the Brown Bogs. Their lands lie east of the Steaming Rill along the coast of the Maw, and are sworn to House Cadwalder of Castle Cadwalder. The current head is Sir Layne Atwood, the Knight of Atwood. Their blazon is a field of brown with two gold chevrons.


The known members of House Atwood by 1351 AR are:

Sir Atwood's siblings and their offspring:

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