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House Cragwood

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House Cragwood of Cragwood Keep
House Cragwood of Cragwood Keep arms
Blazon A withered tree on a red field
(Gules, a withered tree Cendrée)
Motto All For Our Rights
Seat Cragwood Keep
Head Lord Rowan Cragwood
Region Thur's Finger
Titles Lord of Cragwood Keep
Warden of the Salted Grove
Overlord House Huron (de jure)
Ancestral weapon Withersteel
Heir Alan Cragwood
Cadet Branch House Cragwood of Runefort

House Cragwood of Cragwood Keep is a principle noble house of the Kingdom of Thuren from Cragwood Keep on Thur's Finger. The current head is Lord Rowan Cragwood, a childless old man. Their blazon is a withered tree on a field of red, and their motto is "All For Our Rights."

House Cragwood was once an ancient house of landed knights in the Shadow Forest, before being exiled and settling on Thur's Finger. They are the only house in the Kingdom of Thuren in posession of a green steel sword, Withersteel.


Clan Cragwood was founded sometime before the Ulrialuy War in the Shadow Forest. The family came into posession of a green steel sword called Withersteel, and fought alongside the Greenloards. At the conclusion of the war, House Cragwood was founded as a house of landed knights.

During the Pale Rising, House Cragwood was one of several houses of the Kingdom of Cynrigh to rise against their overlord. In the conflict, the Timberdom of Elfwen attacked the kingdom in an attempt to seize territory. The war was a failure, and House Cragwood was forced to flee their ancestral lands. They secretly sailed to the Kingdom of Thuren where they would be granted lands and titles by the reigning High King.


The known members of House Cragwood by 1351 AR are:

Other close kin of Lord Rowan include:

Sworn Subjects

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