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Rowan Cragwood

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House Cragwood arms House Cragwood arms Lord
Rowan Cragwood

Rowan Cragwood portrait
Full name Lord Rowan Cragwood
Alias Lord Longface
Titles Lord of Cragwood Keep
Warden of the Salted Grove
House House Cragwood
Heir Alan Cragwood
Lady Lady Joyce Angeltide
Culture Thuren

Rowan Cragwood is the Lord of Cragwood Keep, Warden of the Salted Grove and head of House Cragwood. He is also the wielder of Withersteel, the ancestral green steel sword of House Cragwood.

Lord Cragwood's kin include Sir Royce and Alan of House Cragwood of Runefort. His subjects include Lords Gannet, Angeltide, and Ironwind.

Appearance and personality

Rowan Cragwood is aged and withered, his body is crooked and his mind wanders. In his youth he was handsome, with long black hair and green eyes. His hair has turned white and his eyes have gone pale, and he sits draped in a crimson cloak in his dank hall.

In his youth Rowan was strong and valiant, and he participated in many tournaments across Agar's Claw. His strange looks attracted many ladies-in-waiting, and he was married to the beautiful Joyce Angeltide. Joyce was supposedly barren, although Rowan refuses this claim. After Joyce killed herself, Rowan supposedly did not leave Cragwood Keep for three years, and he became weak and depressed. In his robes he hides a faded portrait of his wife and he has gone nearly blind.

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